Kobe Bryant Card Sells For $2 Million


According to reports from the Lakers and the team, a Kobe Bryant card for the 1997-98 season was sold privately for $2 million, the highest price ever for a Bryant card.

It is reported that this is a very rare star card, and the collectors of the star card call it the "green treasure". Only 10 of Kobe's cards were printed at the time, and the probability of obtaining it by dismantling the card is 1 in 17,500. Due to the unique manufacturing process of this card, it is very easy to be worn and very difficult to store, so It can be said that this card can be preserved to this day is not easy.

However, the Kobe star card that was sold is in perfect condition. His BGS score is as high as 8.5, which is currently the best one in the world. Jesse Craig, director of business development at PricewaterhouseCoopers, said bluntly: "This card can be said to be Kobe's best business card, even more, desirable than Kobe's rookie card or autographed card." Previously, Kobe's star card The record sale was $1.7 million for a Kobe rookie card with a BGS score of 10.

Although the price of Kobe's star card reached $2 million, this price is not the highest in the field of basketball star card collection. In April 2021, a signed James rookie star card was auctioned for $5.2 million. The high price set a new record for the transaction price of a basketball star card. You know, Lakers player Monk's salary this season is only $1.79 million, or pre-tax. In other words, if Monk wants to buy Kobe's star card, it is not enough for him to take all his salary this season.