Kyle Walker Secretly Married His Girlfriend And Has Been Derailed Many Times Before


Manchester City star Kyle Walker and his childhood sweetheart Anne Kilner have been secretly married recently, even though he had cheated three times before and had an illegitimate child.

It is reported that to avoid exposure, and because of the raging epidemic, Walker and his wife only held a simple small ceremony. The couple held their wedding in a five-star hotel in Cheshire at the end of November. There were only a few guests and a wedding registrar.

According to a source: "I have to say that these couples have gone through too many things over the years, but they have survived. God knows how they did it, but they did it. They don’t want to do anything else. They just want to get married."

Walker and his wife met in their hometown of Sheffield when Walker was 17 years old and his wife was only 15. Walker has been plagued by scandals since Tottenham moved to Manchester City. First, the reality TV actress broke the news that Walker often played with her in luxury cars. Then in 2020, an internet celebrity broke the news that he had Walker's illegitimate child. Later, Walker moved into an apartment with a monthly rent of 8,000 pounds and was found to have violated the epidemic prevention policy and had fun with two women in the room. But Annie finally forgave Walker for everything.