New Year's Concert In Vienna In 2022


The New Year's Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in 2022 was held on the 1st in the Golden Hall in Vienna, the capital of Austria. Thousands of spectators watched the visual feast on the spot.

Affected by the COVID-19, last year's Vienna New Year's Concert was held without a live audience for the first time. This year's New Year's concert was still not fully open to audiences. Only 1,000 spectators were allowed to enter the Golden Hall to watch live in strict compliance with the epidemic prevention regulations. According to the epidemic prevention regulations, they must hold a certificate of COVID-19 vaccination or a certificate of rehabilitation from COVID-19, as well as the latest certificate of negative nucleic acid test for COVID-19, and wear masks with a higher level of protection throughout the process.

This year's New Year's concert was performed by the famous conductor Daniel Barenboim. This is the 79-year-old Barenboim conducting the Vienna New Year's Concert for the third time since 2009 and 2014. In his traditional New Year's speech for concerts, he said that the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra holds New Year's concerts every year, but this year's concerts are "more important." The new crown epidemic is a "disaster", and the concert brings "humanity and unity" into people's daily lives.

The repertoire of this year’s Vienna New Year's Concert is still dominated by the works of members of the Strauss family, and six of them were performed at the New Year’s Concert for the first time.

On December 31, 1939, the Vienna Golden Hall held the New Year's Concert for the first time, and it was held on the morning of January 1 every year since 1941. The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation began to broadcast live concerts on TV in 1959. This year, the broadcast coverage has exceeded 90 countries and regions, and it has been broadcast live to the world via the Internet.