Sony Rumored To Hold A PS5 Launch Event In February


As has been the case for the past few years, Sony isn't hosting a dedicated PlayStation launch event in December 2021, which means it's been a few days since Sony last updated us about the progress of PS5 gaming in the coming months and years. month. However, there has been good news recently, with rumors that Sony is planning to hold a launch event in February this year.

Tom Henderson broke the news on Twitter that there is currently a rumor that Sony's next conference may be held in February this year, depending on the February media conference and the previous PlayStation time. This could be a new round of State of Play, or it could be a very big event, and he also hinted that the Harry Potter game "Hogwarts Legacy" will make an appearance at the conference.

Sony officially announced the PSVR 2 and its companion game Horizon Call of the Mountain at CES in early January this year.

Previously, another source, Tidux, revealed that Sony's first-party studio is developing an open-world action stealth game. The gameplay will be "Metal Gear 5" x "Splinter Cell". Players can complete tasks at will and can face gunfights. Can sneak in mysteriously.

In addition, netizen Geronimo_73 broke the news that the games that Sony is developing are as follows, the authenticity is unknown:
2 action-adventure games
action-adventure shooter
Psychological sci-fi action game
Sci-Fi Action FPS
Survival Horror (Silent Hill Series)
third-person tactical shooter