"Monster Hunter Rise" PC Version Pre-orders Open


"Monster Hunter Rise" PC version pre-orders are open, the price of the work was also announced today: $59.9.

There are two versions of the game "Monster Hunter: Rise" launched on the Steam store. The regular version is priced at $59.9; the deluxe version is priced at $70.48. The deluxe version includes the game body and the hunter appearance and armor "Shenfire Warrior" series; Appearance equipment "Shuriken Dog Collar"; Follower Ailu Appearance Equipment "Fish Cat Collar"; Actions (4 jumping actions); Posture combination (Samurai pose); Face painting (Kabuki painting); Hairstyle (Scythe) Tail) and other content.

At the same time, the pre-ordered players can enjoy the benefits including: "Transformed Retriever" (following tooth hound appearance equipment); "Transforming Forest Cat" (following Ailu appearance equipment), and practical "novice stone guard" props at the beginning of the game.

Vigorous hunting instinct! Set off a new wave of hunting, unrestrained leaping action; a new field that can gallop around at will; and a new monster that can bring unknown excitement and surprises. An unprecedented hunting experience is waiting for the arrival of every hunter in "Monster Hunter: Rise"!