"Final Fantasy 14" Fans Call For SE To Terminate NFT Plan


In the New Year letter, the SE president expressed his great enthusiasm for NFT and plans to add it to the game as the main strategic direction in 2022. Players of "Final Fantasy 14" upon learning this news called on the company to reconsider and terminate this plan.

Just a few days after the New Year, recently acclaimed "Final Fantasy 14" fans and players have begun to worry about the future of the game. Even before there was any official news, fans had begun to condemn the speech of the president of SE, fearing that his opinions would have an impact on the game, and they all expressed that they did not want NFT to be added to the game.

"Final Fantasy 14" has been in operation for many years, and the recent major update has brought the game to a climax. Therefore, a game with a large player base is also responsible for listening to the opinions of players and fans, otherwise, it will be difficult to retain players.

How SE treats NFT and the requirements of Final Fantasy 14 players remains to be seen.