France's COVID-19 New Confirmed Cases Reached 270,000 In A Single Day


On the 4th local time, France saw 270,000 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in a single day, a record high in France since the outbreak of the COVID-19.

According to official French data, there were 271,686 newly confirmed cases in a single day in France on the 4th, with a total of 10,589,505 confirmed cases. The cumulative number of deaths in France is now 124,509, with 297 new deaths. The number of inpatients with the COVID-19 in France once again exceeded the 20,000 mark, and it is now 20186, the first time since May last year; the number of severely ill patients is now 3665.

A number of COVID-19 data indicators in France have continued to deteriorate. The French COVID-19 incidence rate is now 1,850 infected persons per 100,000 inhabitants, and the positive rate of COVID-19 testing has risen to 16.8%. The average number of newly confirmed cases in a single day has risen to 180,000.

The French Parliament is reviewing the vaccine pass bill. The French government hopes to replace the current health pass with a vaccine pass. People need to enter public places such as catering and entertainment and participate in large-scale events by presenting a certificate of full vaccination against the COVID-19.

The French National Assembly (lower house of parliament) was deliberating on related bills in a dramatic scene. When the government requested the National Assembly to continue its debate late on the 3rd, right-wing Republican members and members from far-right and far-left parties joined forces to prevent the debate from continuing. French public opinion believed that this embarrassed the ruling party.

French government spokesman Attar criticized the "procedural changes" of opposition lawmakers on the 4th. He expressed his hope that he would try his best to abide by the established schedule and still promote the implementation of relevant bills on the 15th of this month. French Prime Minister Castay hopes that the ruling party will need to unite more than ever before, and criticizes Republican lawmakers for being irresponsible.

According to the latest schedule, the National Assembly will resume review of the vaccine pass bill on the evening of the 4th, and the debate may continue until 3 am on the 5th. If the debate is not over, the National Assembly will continue to arrange related debates on the afternoon of the 5th.

According to the French Ministry of Health, 53 million people in France have received at least one dose of vaccine, accounting for 78.6% of the French population; 51.83 million people have completed two doses, accounting for 76.9% of the French population; 25.54 million people received the third dose of vaccine.