U.S. Troops Stationed In Okinawa Newly Diagnosed With 235 COVID-19


According to Kyodo News, Japan’s Okinawa prefectural government announced on the 1st that 235 US troops stationed in Okinawa were newly diagnosed with the COVID-19.

According to Okinawa Prefecture, the number of newly confirmed diagnoses hit a single-day high. The specific data of each base and whether it is the Omicron strain is unknown. A total of 3,613 people were infected. The data is not included in the statistics of new cases in Okinawa Prefecture.

The person in charge of Okinawa Prefecture said: “If the number of infected people at the base increases, the risk of infection for Japanese staff in the base will also increase. I hope that countermeasures will be implemented.”

In addition, Okinawa Prefecture announced that 24 people were newly diagnosed with Omicron. There are 65 people in the county.