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Russia Closes Airspace Over Border With Ukraine

Russia closes airspace over the border with Ukraine.

Ukraine Announces Closure Of National Airspace

On the 24th local time, the Ukrainian administration announced the closure of the national airspace.

Biden: Now The US-Russia Relationship Has Completely Broken Down

According to the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), on the 24th local time, US President Biden delivered a speech at the White House on the...

Biden: U.S. Military Won't Go To War With Russia In Ukraine

On February 24, local time, US President Biden delivered a speech on the situation in Ukraine, saying that the US military will not fight...

U.S. Defense Secretary Orders More Troops To Europe

On February 24, local time, a senior U.S. Department of Defense official revealed that under the direction of U.S. President Biden, U.S. Defense Secretary...

Several Explosions Sounded Over Ukraine's Capital Kyiv

In the early morning of the 24th local time, several explosions were heard over Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

Ukrainian National Guard Headquarters Destroyed

On the 24th local time, according to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine, the headquarters of the Ukrainian National Guard was destroyed.

Russian Troops Landed In Odessa

On the 24th local time, Russian troops landed in Odessa, a port city in southern Ukraine. Russian troops have landed in the city of Odessa,...

Syrian Military Says Israeli Airstrikes In Southern Damascus Late At Night

The Syrian military said on the 17th that an Israeli airstrike on the southern outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus late on the 16th...

Ukraine To Form Territorial Defense Force

The website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced on the 18th that Ukraine will form a territorial defense force of 150 battalions and...
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